By-The-Hour is a new concept
with machine time bought by the hour

We’re used to buying temps by the hour, but now it will be possible to buy machine time the same way. OJM has developed a completely new concept for co-operation with mid-and large-size industrial companies. The concept guarantees maximum efficiency for production in Denmark.

By-The-Hour is all about creating transparency in our co-operation with customers. It is based on trust and transparency, and it ensures that we can keep focus on optimizing processes rather than the margin on every single product we supply.

The Concept was made because there has always been an inherent conflict between large industrial companies and their sub suppliers, whereby both aim for the lowest or highest price respectively. By definition, this leads to a battle with one looser.

By buying machine time on highly flexible and highly automated machines, our customers get the right to decide the product mix on the machine after forecast handed in very close to the delivery deadline. This gives a flexibility which, in combination with stock levels, makes it possible to optimize output per minute, and thereby creating just-in-time delivery to customers’ production lines, and cost saving in the total supply.

The secret behind the concept is that customers do not pay indirectly for any un-allocated machine capacity. On the other hand, a long term commitment is necessary, and the result is a flexibility that responds to increasing dynamics, shorter lead times and smaller series globally.

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C.C. Jensen key persons state the following about the concept:

Kim Andersson, Production Manager:
”We did not have a lot of insight into how a machine factory works, but we have that now. By granting OJM insight into our processes and products, it has been possible to optimize processes and knowledge that has given a leaner flow and better financial results, compared to traditional procurement.”

Jimmi Madsen, CFO:
”By-The-Hour is a concept that only few know of, but it has a massive potential. The close co-operation means that we have reduced our cost prices and optimized quality. And with the open book principle we make each other better – no topic is sacred. I’d recommend any mid- or large-size industrial company with a steady and large flow of machined parts or subassemblies to investigate the potential with OJM. All savings gained are allocated to us as customers”.